Working Title: ETERNITY

Status: Commencing sixth draft

Genre: Literary fiction, quest, self-discovery, psychedelic, spirituality, philosophy. 

Dot-point pitch(es):

  • A quest for self-discovery using powerful psychedelic plants in South America.

  • Nick, an anxious, twenty-something former high-school teacher and unsuccessful novelist travels to South America to experiment with the world’s most powerful psychedelic plants, on a quest to find purpose and meaning.

  • It’s Eat Pray Love for psychonauts who read Hunter S. Thompson and Terence McKenna.

Dot-point synopsis:

  • Nick is a twenty-something-year-old, former high-school teacher and unsuccessful novelist from Australia, with a history of social anxiety and depressive episodes, who travels to South America on a quest for self-discovery, and to experiment with the world’s most powerful psychedelic plants.

  • The novel opens with a Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) trip in the backyard of his friend’s suburban Perth home, where Nick first encounters what he calls the DMT Space, a compelling, though terrifying alien realm, where entities speak to him in a strange language.

  • Nick travels alone to Cusco, Peru and returns to the site of his first experience with Ayahuasca five years prior. When this fails to live up to his expectations, Nick falls into a depressive spiral, as he battles with disappointment and loneliness. But Nick is soon joined by two old high school friends and reveals a more playful and humorous side to his character. He even enjoys a brief love affair with a Swiss girl that he meets at an Irish Pub in the heart of Cusco.

  • Nick and his friends travel to an Ayahuasca Healing Centre, located in the jungles outside the Amazonian city of Iquitos, Peru.

  • Nick’s second Ayahuasca ceremony marks the most intense and mystical night of his life, as he delves to astonishing depths of the psychedelic experience, transcending time and human form. The event rocks him so hard though, that all subsequent ceremonies carry an underlying sense of apprehension and fear that he must learn to come to grips with.

  • His two friends return home, but Nick decides to extend his stay at the centre, motivated by a desire a desire to kick his anxiety and depression, and a need to understand the nature of his existence.

  • In one terrifying ceremony, Nick confronts his dark night of the soul. He feels a flooding of fear, sadness and total despair, and is left distraught. The next day, when he has all but given up his personal work, a girl he has befriended councils him to go to another ceremony, to face his inner demons. He follows her advice and having made peace with his fear, has a beautiful and profound experience, releasing his tightly-held anxiety. Nick comprehends the once terrifying DMT Space, not as an alien, or even external realm, but in-fact, as within himself and sees his whole journey as the unfolding of a great cycle of destiny.

Writing samples: