Novel: Eternity

Working Title: Eternity

Genre: Literary fiction, quest, self-discovery, psychedelic, spirituality, philosophy. 

Status: Unpublished…


Eternity is a work of literary fiction that explores identity, friendship, adventure, and psychedelic visionary realms. The novel follows a young man’s journey to South America on a quest for self-understanding. It’s Eat Pray Love meets On the Road in the Amazon jungle…

The novel opens with a day in the life of Nick, a thirty-year-old relief teacher from Perth, as he reflects on his previous year as a full-time teacher, and his eventual decision to quit his job. The mundanity of school-life is contrasted with a harrowing Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) trip in the backyard of his friend’s suburban home, where Nick first encounters the DMT Space, a compelling, though terrifying alien realm where shadow-entities speak to him in a strange language.

Nick begins his travels alone in the Sacred Valley of Peru, at the site of his first experience with Ayahuasca five years prior. When these ceremonies don’t go according to his expectations, Nick falls into a depressive spiral, battling with disappointment and loneliness.

Joined in Cusco by two high school friends, Nick begins loosens up. After hiking the Inca Trail, Nick and his friends travel to an Ayahuasca Centre on the outskirts of Iquitos. During his second Ayahuasca ceremony at the Centre, Nick has the most intense and profound night of his life. The night rocks him so hard that all subsequent ceremonies carry an underlying sense of apprehension.

When his two friends return home, Nick extends his stay at the Centre to explore further into his past with a range of different plant-medicines. Eventually, Nick leaves the Centre to meet up with some other friends in Central America, where he learns to embrace his life as a traveller, letting go of the constant need to achieve spiritual growth.

Ultimately though, he returns to the Ayahuasca Centre to finish what he started.

Nick confronts his dark night of the soul in one brutal ceremony. He’s left distraught, and the following day is ready to give up his inner work. A friend from the Centre advises him to sit in another ceremony, in order to face his inner demons. Having accepted his fate, Nick has a beautiful and mystical experience. He realises that the once terrifying DMT Space is not an alien, or even external realm, but in-fact, is a part of himself. His fear is replaced by love and ecstasy, as he grasps a sense of the divine within.

In the epilogue, Nick admits that after returning to Perth, his life fell apart once more. He discovers that Ayahuasca is not a short-cut to spiritual growth, but rather a tool for examining one’s life. In the final stages of the novel, Nick concedes that while his life is not any easier, it’s far richer and more meaningful, thanks to his experiences in South America.