Novel: Apocalypse


Working Title: Apocalypse

Status: On the back-burners


  1. Speculative fiction, set in alternative present, with universal use of virtual reality technology. Jimmy, a young man fed up with his meaningless life, checks out of mainstream society to live in the jungle with a collection of psychonautical outcasts. He becomes a psychedelic Jedi and returns to save the world from evil corporations.

  2. A bleak version of Ready Player One but not as good.

  3. Metafiction Point 1: The protagonist is a writer plagued by a novel that he doesn’t know how to write. He inhabits the fantasy world of the unwritten novel, to escape the monotony of his own existence.

  4. Metafiction Point 2: The novel has two storylines.

    1. the story of the protagonist [writer] facing the horror of artistic process.

    2. the story inhabiting the mind of the writer in storyline 1.

Extract: Jolly Roger (3000 words)

The extract is the first chapter of the novel and concerns establishing the life of the writer.

The rattling of keys. A heavy click and the door surrenders. Ahead there is darkness and behind, the early evening sky is grey with pregnant clouds. The heavy boom of thunder. The squealing shrieks of a turning tram, grating and harsh. I sweep the door behind me and with a metallic sigh it swings until it clangs into place and the outside world is mute. I reach into my jacket pocket for my lighter. The flame offers the only light in the room. I inhale deeply. The sweet burning. A dancing curl of smoke. Home.