Working Title: JOURNEY

Status: Abandoned


Jimmy, a 24 year-old Australian man encounters vastly different cultures, landscapes and experiences on a journey of self-discovery in South America. While the journey begins with sex, drugs and partying, it culminates in Peru, where Jimmy drinks Ayahuasca for the first time and ultimately undergoes a spiritual transformation atop Machu Picchu.


  • The novel follows the path of Jimmy, a young man travelling through South America with his mate Ben.

  • What begins as a typically shallow and hedonic story of anonymous sex, casual drug use and heavy drinking, develops into a tale of self-discovery and growth. Over the course of the trip, Jimmy and Ben experience the raw power and beauty of the natural landscapes, and the staggering architecture and brutal history of the cities of this great continent.

  • After being plunged into a depressive episode by altitude sickness, food poisoning and partying, Jimmy slows down and reflects on his life, his past and his beliefs about the world.

  • Jimmy’s journey culminates in an experience with powerful shamanic hallucinogens, followed by a life-changing trek along the Inca Trail. Ultimately, Jimmy experiences an intense spiritual awakening.

Extract: kaleidoscope.