Why I write

There is something beautiful and magical and transcendent about a story that resonates. The creation of art, the telling of stories, the expression of the spark within, these along with the expression of love, for me, are the highest purpose of humans. Stories touch me in a way I can only describe as mythological and spiritual. I spent so many of my teenage years and young adult life grappling with a sense of identity and purpose. This struggle lead me down dark depressive spirals. But I don’t grapple anymore. Because through writing, I give voice to my heart and my soul. Through creation and expression I know who I am and I know what I am here to do. The act of writing feels natural for me. I am at home when I write. I love when I am in the flow, when I feel juicy and creative, and the words pour out of me. When I think about stories I get excited. When I go for a walk in the park my mind is flooded with ideas for stories. And I just fucking love it.


I grew up and live in Perth, Western Australia. I’ve travelled through Europe, South-East Asia, and South, Central & North America. And I lived in Melbourne for three years. I’ve worked a million different jobs from human resources to bartending to bricklaying, and I hold a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology Double Major) from the University of Western Australia, and a Master of Teaching (Psychology, English, History) from the University of Melbourne. I’m a former high school teacher, current freelance writer, and I facilitate expeditions, camps and rite of passage journeys for young people in the Australian bush.


  • Personal freedom (sovereignty of the individual)

  • Authentic connection & intimacy

  • Creative expression

  • The natural world

  • Service to others & my community  

  • amor et hilaritas

Mission Statement

  • To maintain personal freedom & sovereignty

  • To continually open my heart and express my love deeply and passionately, and connect authentically with others

  • To express my experience of the world through my art, and to share my art with my community

  • To serve others & my community by facilitating the growth and development of individuals and groups

  • To serve, protect, and enjoy the natural world

  • To maintain a sense of humour and playful attitude to life, which includes taking the piss out of myself at any opportunity