I grew up and live in Perth, Western Australia. I’ve travelled through Europe, South-East Asia, and South, Central & North America. And I lived in Melbourne for three years. I’ve worked a million different jobs from human resources to bartending to bricklaying, and I hold a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology Double Major) from the University of Western Australia, and a Master of Teaching (Psychology, English, History) from the University of Melbourne. I’m a former high school teacher, current freelance writer, and I facilitate expeditions, camps and rite of passage journeys for young people in the Australian bush.


  • Maintain personal freedom & sovereignty

  • Connect authentically with others

  • Express my experience of the world through my writing

  • Serve others & my community by facilitating the growth and development of individuals and groups

  • Serve, protect, and enjoy the natural world

  • Maintain a sense of humour and playful attitude to life, which includes taking the piss out of myself at any opportunity

Why I write

When I go for a walk in the park my mind is flooded with ideas for stories. And I just fucken love it.